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Aftermath Sports defeated 1642 other contestants, finishing 1st place overall in the Wagerline and Bet Jamaica 2008 NFL-X contest...
Check out the results here--->
NFL-X Contest Results is where winners are born!!!


With over 10 years of experience, Aftermath Sports brings a combination of dedication and hours of daily research to the table, creating a plethora of winning formulas in the handicapping field.


Using a unique set of standards in handicapping is what separates the sports investor from the gambler. Sticking to this philosophy daily, is what has helped me to become one of the most successful football handicappers today. Members can rest assured that every play released is researched and backed by extensive analysis. All plays released, free or premium, are monitored and count toward my record.

Aftermath Sports is a top football handicapper and has proven so year after year. Take full advantage of FREE daily selections and Platinum Selections. Registering is free and easy! Start winning by signing up today, and put your sports book through the storm!


1st place overall WINNER of the Wagerline/Bet Jamaica NFL-X contest 2008!! In defeating 1642 others, I can say that many handicapping services don't even attempt to enter these contests, let alone win them. Check out the results here...



As a client of, you, the client, can expect:

* Honesty and Respect!

* Detailed analysis explaining the reasoning and evidence supporting the selection, not just a team name and amount to win. 

* FREE Daily Selections for all visitors, with analysis. Get comfortable with the website and it's features before signing up. The free pick is hand picked from my card. It is not just any old random play.

* FREE FOOTBALL WEEKENDS - When a client purchases any package they will be automatically entitled to FREE FOOTBALL WEEKENDS for the duration of their package. Weekends will not count toward what you paid for. Get your money to go furthur and get the opprtunity to win more profit. 

* To increase profits with each passing week, month, and year. I increase my net profits each year and I will help my clients do the same.

* To learn that there are certain angles and situations that win at a high percentage. Learn these "tricks" and get the edge over your sports-books.

* ONE FREE PLATINUM ADVANTAGE SELECTION with registration via e-mail. Guaranteed to win $200 or more. Offer stands until the $200 plus is earned. No purchase neccesary, but feel free to use the FREE money toward any of the available sports pick access plans.

* All selections and analysis are mostly posted no later than 2 hours before the scheduled game time.

* Line moves rarely matter and seldom come into play, so if you jump on a play of mine late, and the line is off by a half play it regardless.

* Solo proprieter. You pay for one handicapper here, and you get only one. No worries about which handicapper to choose on a given night.

* Unlike other services, who charge per sport, and per pick, clients gain access to every single selection all for one low fee.

* No phony B.S. past records. Pre-site profits don't help anyone. I am monitored at several places and all are roughly in line with the same W/L and unit numbers based on the monitors line availablity.



Over the last decade, I have put many formidable systems together. I constantly look for new ones to create. The best part about these systems is that over 80% of them are based on flat-wagers (The same dollar amount is placed on each selection). Chasing losses is not in my handicapping arsenal and is a losing proposition. My betting style allows me to not stress the win percentage as my systems can hit under 50% and still profit. If you're looking for a chase system or just a percentage, this service may not be for you. Keep in mind that winning 60% or more doesn't always guarantee profit. I always say, look for a figure, not a percentage. I am monitored and feel that services that aren't monitored are hiding the truth. Visitors and clients can research for themselves.



Aftermath Sports is uncomparable to other services out there. I refuse to charge hundreds per sport, or per month of service. This is one of the best investmetns for your dollar. How can a client profit paying $400 per sport or monthy, playing for 1 or 2 units per game? You won't. How about buying a yearly plan for thousands and finding out the service goes under 3 months into your plan. These are your everyday scams. They want a big money making sale and that is all they care about. Aftermath Sports gives value at reasonable prices. 


For Package Pricing click here

I offer a variety of payment methods:

Pay through PAYPAL, and with a credit card if neccesary, even if you don't have an account with them. It is the preferred method, made payable to: 


For other methods please e-mail me for more info.



Confidence, Patience and Money-Management are the three factors in whether you win or lose in wagering (CPMM). They work hand in hand and when a person wagers while lacking any of these factors, they most likely won't be successful.

(Confidence) You must trust in yourself and the service you enroll with. If you do not have confidence the second guessing starts to play a major role. Have faith in yourself most importantly and if enrolling with my service, have faith in what I can win for you.

(Patience) This is the second factor of being on the winning side. One must learn to wait for an edge in a certain situation. Never start doubling wagers to get back losses. Lack of patience will deplete the bankroll very fast.

(Money-Management) Without this factor you will forfeit your bankroll the quickest. I help clients manage their money. Less risk is more reward. Moneyline dogs are the best choices but playing favorites on the moneyline wisely are a winning combination. Using a non-chase method is also a smart money-managing technique.



In closing, please look at this as an investment long term. Everyone deserves to make money doing something they love, and if your visiting, handicapping is your hobby as well as mine. The more you know the better you'll succeed in this game. I also know that handicapping services aren't for everyone. In fact I would hope that clients turn to pursue their own handicapping talents in the future. Whether you are a client or not, keep these tips in mind:


1) Never chase losses and services who have chase systems or undefeated systems are not good at picking winners. Chasing is a weakness in handicapping skills. Remember percentage is meaningless if profit is not obtained. You can hit at 90% chasing and still wind up losing.


2) Always have a back-up sports-book. Getting the best lines could mean having a few more wins at the end of the week. That makes a huge difference over the course of a year.


3) Money management, patience and confidence will make money in the long-run. There are plenty of ups and downs in this business. Using these tools will keep you above water long term. If you lack one of these 3 keys to success, you will not have much success at all.


Join now and Win with me...

The Platinum Standard in Handicapping

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